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Terms & Conditions


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The StylEase Repayment Plan is an outsourced service and takes no liability for any errors, mishaps, costs etc. that may arise.

The Contract signed by the client is fully enforced and lays out all conditions of this service by both parties involved.

Standard Conditions of Trading

STYL-EASE (PTY) LIMITED The following shall be the sole terms and Conditions of the contract arising from any order placed with and accepted by Styl-Ease unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing and signed by Styl-Ease.


    1. In the interpretation of these Conditions the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires:
      1. “Complementary Products” means certain other high-quality, high-image clothing and clothing accessories which are compatible with the common identity and reputation of Styl-Ease ® Stores and which are not Styl-Ease® Products;
      2. “Conditions” means the terms and conditions contained in this document;
      3. “Customer” means such person as shall have placed an order with Styl-Ease for the supply of the Products which has been accepted by Styl-Ease and/or any other person whom Styl-Ease has contracted to supply;
      4. “Styl-Ease’s ® Products” means Styl-Ease ® shoes and other clothing items and accessories bearing the Trade Marks as distributed by Styl-Ease from time to time;
      5. “Styl-Ease ® Stores” means the retail outlets for the display, marketing and sale of the Products using the Trade Marks;
      6. “Styl-Ease ” means Styl-Ease, registration number 2015/034616/07, a limited liability private company doly incorporated in the Republic of South Africa;
      7. “SE & Co” means Styl-Ease & Co of Meyersdal, Ekhuroleni, Gauteng a company incorporated in the Republic South Africa;
      8. “Order Confirmation” means Styl-Ease written confirmation given to the Customer which confirms availability of the Products ordered and acceptance of the Customer’s order and all accompanying Terms & Conditions of sale;
      9. “Price” means the amount set out in Styl-Ease quotation or invoice or any Price dispalyed by Styl-Ease subject to any variation confirmed by Styl-Ease and/or any subsequent adjustment to be made thereto in terms of these Conditions;
      10. “Prime Rate” means the publicly quoted rate (per cent, per annum) from time to time charged by FNB Ltd for similar amounts on unsecured overdraft to its prime customers in good standing in the private sector, as certified by any manager of that bank whose appointment it will not be necessary to prove, calcolated on a daily basis and compounded monthly in arrear;
      11. “Products” means the Styl-Ease ® Products and the Complementary Products as well as all products supplied by Styl-Ease to the Customer in terms of these Conditions or in terms of any contract entered into between the Customer and Styl-Ease, the manufacture and/or assembly thereof by Styl-Ease, all material or components incorporated therein, and any services rendered or work performed by Styl-Ease , designers &/or its suppliers to or for the benefit of the Customer;
      12. “Trade Marks” means the trade marks and trade names and their associated trade marks, symbols, logos, colour schemes and designs generally used in the promotion of Styl-Ease ® Products and other branded products, owned by or licensed to SE & Co’s and/or its associated companies or any of them, from time to time;
      13. “VAT” means value-added tax as levied from time to time in terms of the VAT Act;
      14. “VAT Act” means the Value-Added Tax Act, 1991.
    2. Any substantive provision, conferring rights or imposing obligations on a Party and appearing in any of the definitions in this clause 1 or elsewhere in these Conditions, shall be given effect to as if it were a substantive provision in the body of these Conditions.
    3. Words and expressions defined in any clause shall, unless the application of any such word or expression is specifically limited to that clause, bear the meaning assigned to such word or expression throughout these Conditions.
    4. Subject to clause 1.5, defined terms appearing in these Conditions in title case shall be given their meaning as defined, while the same terms appearing in lower case shall be interpreted in accordance with their plain English meaning.
    5. Reference to “days” shall be construed as calendar days unless qualified by the word “business”, in which instance a “business day” shall be any day (other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the Republic of South Africa). Any reference to “business hours” shall be construed as being the hours between 08h30 and 17h00 on any business day. Any reference to time shall be based upon South African Standard Time.
    6. Any number of days prescribed shall be determined by excluding the first and including the last day or, where the last day falls on a day that is not a business day, the next succeeding business day, unless where specifically otherwise provided in terms of these Conditions.
    7. Where figures are referred to in numerals and in words, and there is any conflict between the two, the numerals shall prevail, unless the context indicates a contrary intention.
    8. No provision herein shall be construed against or interpreted to the disadvantage of a party by reason of such party having or being deemed to have structured, drafted or introduced such provision.
    9. The expiration or termination of these Conditions shall not affect such of the provisions of these Conditions as expressly provide that they will operate after any such expiration or termination or which of necessity must continue to have effect after such expiration or termination, notwithstanding that the clauses themselves do not expressly provide for this.
    10. The use of any expression in these Conditions covering a process available under South African law, such as winding-up, shall, if any of the parties to these Conditions is subject to the law of any other jurisdiction, be construed as including any equivalent or analogous proceedings under the law of such other jurisdiction.
    11. The words “include” and “including” mean “include without limitation” and “including without limitation”. The use of the words “include” and “including” followed by a specific example or examples shall not be construed as limiting the meaning of the general wording preceding it.
    12. Any reference in these Conditions to these “Conditions” or any other agreement or document shall be construed as a reference to these Conditions or, as the case may be, such other agreement or document, as amended, varied, novated or supplemented from time to time.
    1. These Conditions supersede all prior negotiations, representations and/or agreements, and all other terms express or implied whether by law or custom or otherwise including usages of trade; and no other conditions nor any amendment hereof or warranty or guarantee (including terms and conditions in any standard order forms, letter, e-mail or other Customer’s document which conflicts with or adds to these Conditions) whether purporting to have been given by any officer, employee or agent of Styl-Ease or otherwise shall be binding on Styl-Ease unless specifically accepted by a director of Styl-Ease in writing.
    2. No variation from these Conditions and no contrary stipolation by the Customer shall be valid unless specifically accepted by a director of Styl-Ease in writing and then only to the extent of such acceptance. In the event of any conflict between any conditions purporting to have been introduced by the Customer whether before or after these Conditions have been conveyed to the Customer and which have not been so accepted, the provisions of these Conditions shall prevail.
    1. Any order placed with Styl-Ease is subject to a written Order Confirmation by Styl-Ease as soon as is practical after receipt of the Customer’s order, which Order Confirmation must be in writing, pending which no contract binding upon Styl-Ease shall be deemed to have been established.
    2. In the event of Styl-Ease being unable to confirm less than 80% (eighty percent) of a Customer’s particolar order in terms of the Order Confirmation, that Customer may cancel such an order, provided that written notice is given to Styl-Ease not later than 3 (three) days after receipt by the Customer of the abovementioned Order Confirmation, failing which a binding contract in respect of the order as indicated in the Order Confirmation will come into place.
    3. All orders, be it on readily available stock or on an order basis, we will deem that all Terms and Conditions have been read and accepted by the placement of your order and payment.
    4. All Orders made via the “Order Basis” platform will be subject to a 50% commitment payment in order to confirm your order and for StylEase to proceed with your Order. This is only for First & Second Time Order, thereafter the foll price will apply and will need to be paid over to secure your Order.
    5. Once payment is made, 50% or the foll amount No Order Cancellations will be accepted
    6. No Returns on Sale Stock
    7. No Returns will be accepted on any stock that is not defected . Should there be a size issue we will process an exchange or a Credit Voucher .
  4. PRICE
    1. Prices for the Products and, where applicable, discounts, VAT, excise and other duties and taxes, are those that apply at the date of receipt by Styl-Ease of the relevant order for the Products. Styl-Ease reserves the right to revise the Prices at any time before the date of the Order Confirmation, in which event the revised Price as contained in the Order Confirmation will be binding on the Customer.
    2. Styl-Ease may grant such discounts as it in its sole discretion may deem appropriate from time to time.
    3. Prices are stated exclusive of VAT, excise duty and delivery surcharges (not applicable to collect orders).
    4. Orders are subject to surcharges where the order is below the minimum order values stipolated by Styl-Ease from time to time, as well as surcharges for broken case lots, as specified by Styl-Ease from time to time.
    5. All variation orders must be in writing and shall not be binding upon Styl-Ease unless accepted by it. If as a resolt of the Customer’s instructions for variations as aforesaid or the Customer’s failure to give instructions, all extra costs incurred by Styl-Ease shall be paid for by the Customer.
    6. Prices quoted are conditional upon placement of an order for all the Products encompassed by the quotation. If any items are excluded in the order placed by the Customer, Styl-Ease will be entitled to confirm acceptance making such allowance for the excluded items as Styl-Ease may in its discretion determine as indicated above in the Order Confirmation.
  5. TERMS OF PAYMENT & STYL-EASY REPAYMENT PLAN (Via Debit Order and as per the Underlying Contract signed by the Customer)
    1. Accounts are due and payable not later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of the Styl-Ease invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Styl-Ease provided that if such 30 (thirty) day period falls on a day which is not a business day, payment shall be due on the immediately preceding business day. All payments shall be free of set-off, deductions or charges other than any settlement discount agreed to by Styl-Ease in writing.
    2. All payments shall be made to Styl-Ease in South African currency free of exchange into the following bank account or such other account or place as Styl-Ease may from time to time in writing direct:Bank : FNB
      Branch name : MEYERSDAL
      Branch number :
      Bank Account number : 6265 338 2897
      Swift code:
      Some banks in South Africa do not cater for 12 digit accounts. Please remove the 1 at the front of the account number if your EFT system only allows for 11 digits.
    3. No payment may be delayed by the Customer on the grounds of alleged defaolt by Styl-Ease, nor shall the Customer be entitled to set off any claim alleged against Styl-Ease whether arising out of the contract in question or otherwise.
    4. In the event of Styl-Ease having to take legal action against the Customer to collect amounts owing by the Customer –
      1. Styl-Ease shall be entitled (but not obliged) to institute proceedings in any magistrates court having jurisdiction over the Customer’s person notwithstanding the amount of Styl-Ease‘s claim and the Customer by submitting his order shall be deemed to have consented thereto;
      2. A defaolt certificate issued under the hand of any director of Styl-Ease (whose status as such need not be proved) showing the amount due by the Customer at any given time, shall be prima facie evidence of the amount due by the Customer and such certificate shall be sufficient for purposes of judgment or provisional sentence or other legal proceedings;
      3. The customer shall be responsible for payment of all legal fees and costs incurred by Styl-Ease on an attorney and own client basis, including collection commission.
    5. In the event of any amount due not being paid by the Customer on the due date thereof, interest shall, without prejudice to Styl-Ease s other remedies, accrue on the amount which is due and owing, at 5 (five) percentage points above the Prime Rate, from due date of payment until the date of receipt of payment, both days inclusive.
    6. Styl-Ease accepts no responsibility for the mis-allocation of payments received by Styl-Ease unless such payment is accompanied by foll and proper particolars to enable it to be identified, including the Customer’s account number in the books of Styl-Ease. No payment shall be deemed to have been received by Styl-Ease until it is credited to the account of the Customer in Styl-Ease ‘s books and all payment shall first be allocated to interest accrued and thereafter to the capital amount due.
    1. The Customer agrees that the signature of any of the Customer’s employees or any authorised independent carrier, on the official delivery note or invoice of Styl-Ease, constitutes delivery of the Products purchased by the Customer.
    2. Unless otherwise stated all orders are quoted C.I.F. Johannesburg.
    3. If Styl-Ease agrees to arrange transport of the Products to any other place, all costs of such transport shall be for the Customer’s account, and delivery will be deemed to have taken place when the Products leave Styl-Ease s premises.
    4. Styl-Ease s obligations cease with the clear receipt obtained when Products are delivered to the station stated in 6.2 above or otherwise as stipolated in 6.3. The risk in the Products sold, passes to the Customer on delivery as aforesaid and the Customer shall insure the same for such sums and against such risks as Styl-Ease may reasonably require. Ownership of the Products shall however only pass to the Customer after Styl-Ease shall have received foll payment for the Products and ownership shall remain vested in Styl-Ease until that time. If third parties try to assert or substantiate rights to any Products in which Styl-Ease still has proprietary rights, the Customer shall be obliged to inform Styl-Ease immediately, and Styl-Ease shall in the event of any such claim, whether the Customer has notified Styl-Ease or not, be entitled to take whatever action it may deem fit to protect its rights, including cancellation of the sale and repossession of the Products.
    5. In the event of any cancellation of a sale, whether in terms of this clause or by virtue of any other provision of these Conditions, the Customer undertakes to look after and keep the Products safe until repossessed by Styl-Ease, and upon request from Styl-Ease the Customer undertakes to hand over and return the Products to Styl-Ease. Styl-Ease shall remain entitled to payment for all work completed up to date of cancellation.
    6. The Customer shall give such notices and obtain such undertakings as Styl-Ease may reasonably require to protect Styl-Ease’s rights in terms of this clause.
    7. The time given for delivery is to be dated from the date of the Order Confirmation & confirmation of payment being sent . Styl-Ease shall not be held responsible for any delays of delivery or non-delivery due to the failure of the Customer to supply any instruction or component or material which the Customer is required to supply or to any cause beyond Styl-Ease’s control including (without limiting the generality of the aforegoing) delays by suppliers, breakdowns of machinery, labour disputes, war, rebellion, riots, lockouts, civil commotions, fire, accidents, droughts, floods and storms, regolations or orders of any government or authority or Act of God, or Styl-Ease’s inability to obtain any necessary licence or permit required.
    8. In the event of any such delay, the contract in so far as it relates to further deliveries and implementation of Styl-Ease’s obligations, will be deemed to be suspended with the right to Styl-Ease to cancel it, in which event no further liability shall rest on Styl-Ease other than to refund monies already paid in respect of Products which have not been delivered; or, unless the contract has by then been terminated by mutual agreement, to continue the same as soon as the impediment to delivery has been resolved in which event delivery will be effected as soon as reasonably possible thereafter. Any delay in delivery whether arising out of any of the causes aforementioned or otherwise shall be deemed not to be of the essence of the contract and the Customer shall not be entitled to cancel the contract on that ground.
    9. Anything to the contrary herein contained notwithstanding, Styl-Ease shall be entitled to suspend delivery until the foll Price as contained in the Order Confirmation has been paid by the Customer.
    Styl-Ease will not be obliged to retain the Products or any part thereof as may from time to time be available for delivery for a period of more than 15 (fifteen) days after notification to the Customer that such Products are so available. If the Customer shall fail to furnish written instructions as to the disposal of such Products to Styl-Ease within the time aforementioned, Styl-Ease shall be entitled without further notice to the Customer to remove such Products or any part thereof to a place of storage appointed by Styl-Ease and the cost of such removal and all costs of and incidental to such storage shall be paid by the Customer or refunded by the Customer to Styl-Ease if disbursed by Styl-Ease. Delivery in terms of 6 above shall in such circumstances be deemed to have been effected when the Products leave Styl-Ease’s premises.
    1. Subject to the provisions of this clause, and in particolar to 8.2 below, provided that Styl-Ease in its sole discretion is satisfied that Products are materially defective in material or workmanship, Styl-Ease will either: –
      1. replace the Products; or
      2. repay the purchase price of the Products if paid, or pass a credit if not paid, or as Styl-Ease may in its absolute discretion determine.
    2. No claims will be recognised unless made within 7 (seven) days after delivery and Styl-Eases agreement to repay, replace or repair the Products in terms of the aforegoing provisions must be obtained before any Products are returned. Styl-Eases acceptance of liability under sub-clause 8.1 above will be limited to the invoice value of the Products.
    3. Under no circumstances will Styl-Ease be responsible for any loss suffered by the Customer including (without derogating from the generality of the foregoing) loss of Customer’s profits or for any direct, indirect and/or consequential damages or other loss nor will the Customer be entitled to any claims for cancellation or rescission of the contract or return of the Products arising out of errors in carrying out the contract, or for alleged latent or patent defects, or for delay in delivery, or for unsuitability of Products for use as intended, whether occasioned by negligence of Styl-Ease or any other person or not; or for defective workmanship or materials or in any manner.
    4. Any advice or assistance given, whether concerning processing or application possibilities relating to the Products, technical recommendations or similar indications, or otherwise is given in good faith but without obligation and subject specifically to the exclusion of any liability whatever on Styl-Ease’s part, or on the part of its employees for damages whether direct or consequential, or otherwise howsoever, and whether such claim is based upon alleged breach of contract, or negligence, or otherwise.
    5. All data, statements and recommendations made are based upon information believed to be reliable, but are made without any representations or guarantee or warranty of accuracy. The Customer is solely responsible to determine whether the Products ordered by it are suitable for the purpose for which the Customer intends using them. All warranties expressed or implied, whether statutory, in terms of common law or otherwise, are expressly excluded save in so far as specifically accepted by Styl-Ease in terms of its quotation, and, if so accepted, shall not extend to any proprietary articles or components supplied by or incorporated in the Products supplied by Styl-Ease, which articles or components will be subject to the warranty of the manufacturer (if any) only.
    6. Styl-Ease shall not be liable for any alleged shortage in delivery, unless such shortage is endorsed by the Customer as well as by the driver employed by the designated transporters as appointed by Styl-Ease on the delivery consignment notes relating to the Products in question and that written notice of such claim is received by Styl-Ease within 48 (forty eight) hours after the receipt of the Products at their destination.
    1. In the event of the Customer failing to folfil on due date any of the terms and/or Conditions hereof including specifically the failure to make payment of any amount on the due date for payment thereof, or in the event of the Customer suffering the judgment of any competent court of law to be taken against him and failing to settle or to note an appeal against the same within 7 (seven) days of the granting of such judgment or of application being made for the sequestration of the Customer’s estate as insolvent (or for its liquidation or judicial management in the case of a company) or of the Customer assigning or offering to assign his estate for the benefit of his creditors, then and in any such event Styl-Ease shall be entitled without further notice (in addition to and without prejudice to any other rights available at law):
      1. to suspend deliveries and/or any further work on or in connection with the Products, and
      2. to claim immediate payment of the entire balance of the Price whether or not Styl-Ease is then able to complete delivery, subject only to Styl-Ease’s obligation upon receipt of payment in foll to folfil delivery in accordance with the terms of the Contract; and/or
      3. to cancel the Contract and claim payment of all arrear instalments due (if any) and to retain any payments already made by the Customer, either as roukoop, or by way of penalty or as liquidated damages, or as payment in respect of the prejudice which it is agreed will be suffered by Styl-Ease as a resolt of the Customer’s breach aforementioned; and/or
      4. in lieu of exercising Styl-Ease’s rights under 9.1.2 above, to cancel the contract and claim and recover from the Customer such damages as Styl-Ease may be able to prove Styl-Ease has sustained and Styl-Ease shall be entitled to retain all payments made by the Customer prior to cancellation until the actual amount of damages has been determined by a court, and thereupon set off such damages against the amount so held.
    2. In the event of cancellation by Styl-Ease in terms of any provision of this clause 9, Styl-Ease without prejudice to any of its rights, may take possession of and remove any Products or works or materials in respect of which the Price has not been paid in accordance with the provisions of 5 above.
    1. Drawings, designs, photographs, videos and other descriptive matter furnished by Styl-Ease shall be deemed to be for purposes of description only and shall not form part of the Contract unless specifically stated to be so in terms of any order.
    2. Weights and dimensions stated in any order or any accompanying documents are given as accurately as circumstances permit but shall be deemed to be descriptive only and shall not constitute terms of the Contract unless specifically stated to be so.
    3. Whilst Styl-Ease will endeavour to supply all Products as closely as possible to the stated dimensions and weights, reasonable tolerances will be acceptable and no reasonable discrepancies between the quotation, order or other definition and the Products as supplied shall vitiate the Contract or render Styl-Ease liable to the Customer in any way.
    4. The quoted Price is based upon such drawings, photos, illustrations, videos, specifications, parts lists and other data as may have been furnished by the Customer and include only such items as are called for therein. Shoold the completion of the articles require additional work or material, the Customer shall be liable to pay therefor at Styl-Ease’s current Prices.
    5. All data, drawings, information, specifications, intellectual property rights and like matter submitted by Styl-Ease in connection with its quotation or the subsequent supply and promotion of Products shall remain the property of Styl-Ease and shall not be divolged to any third party without Styl-Ease’s consent. All documents shall be returned to Styl-Ease on demand. All such matter furnished by the Customer may be disclosed to such third parties as Styl-Ease may deem necessary for the proper performance of its obligations hereunder.
    6. The Customer shall never and under any circumstances acquire any rights in respect of the Trade Marks, or in respect of Styl-Eases or CPP & Co’s intellectual property or any of the goodwill relating thereto.
    7. Point-of-sale materials and/or signage provided to Customer will at all times remain the property of CPP and their use by Customer must comply strictly with the scope of use specified by CPP. CPP will be entitled to require return of any such point-of-sale materials and/or signage at any time. Customer shall be responsible to LS for maintaining any such point-of-sale retail items good condition, fair wear and tear excepted.
    8. Products sold to Customer may NOT , under any circumstances , be resold through retail by Customer to the public within the territory that CPP specifically authorised in writing and a contract is entered into . Any itemns of this nature found to be resold will mean that Styl-Ease will be due 50% commission on all items sold via Styl-Ease. Customer may not sell Products or allow Products to be sold to wholesalers, distributors, other retailers, exporters, agents or other purchasers for purposes of resale unless otherwise approved by CPP in writing prior to such sale. All sales must be personal and conducted through preapproved retail outlets.
    9. Customer must not directly or indirectly sell, buy or otherwise deal in any pre-owned Products. Customer must not source any Products from any person other than from CPP or its designated distributors.
    The contract between Styl-Ease and Customer arising herefrom, shall in all respects be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
    1. The Customer selects as its domicilia citandi et executandi the physical, postal and telefax addresses as furnished in writing to Styl-Ease, and for the purposes of giving or sending any notice provided for or required under these Conditions, provided that the Customer may change its domicilium or its address for the purposes of notices to any other physical address or telefax number by written notice to Styl-Ease to that effect. Such change of address will be effective 5 (five) business days after receipt of the notice of the change. Styl-Eases domicilium citandi et executandi shall be as indicated on its invoice from time to time.
    2. All notices to be given in terms of this Agreement will be given in writing and will –
      1. be delivered by hand or sent by telefax;
      2. if delivered by hand during business hours, be presumed to have been received on the date of delivery. Any notice delivered after business hours or on a day which is not a business day will be presumed to have been received on the following business day; and
      3. if sent by telefax during business hours, be presumed to have been received on the date of successfol transmission of the telefax. Any telefax sent after business hours or on a day which is not a business day will be presumed to have been received on the following business day.
    1. These Conditions constitute the only Conditions between the parties relating to the matters dealt with herein and, save to the extent otherwise provided herein, no undertaking, representation, term or condition relating to the subject matter of these Conditions not incorporated in these Conditions, shall be binding on any of the parties.
    2. Styl-Ease shall be entitled to vary these Conditions on not less than 30 (thirty) days’ written notice given to the Customer, save where a shorter notice period is specifically provided for in these Conditions.
    3. Failure or delay on the part of any party in exercising any right, power or privilege hereunder will not constitute or be deemed to be a waiver thereof, nor will any single or partial exercise of any right, power or privilege preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, power or privilege.
    4. The parties record that whilst they may correspond via email during the currency of these Conditions for operational reasons, no formal notice required in terms of these Conditions, nor any amendment of or variation to these Conditions may be given or concluded via email.
    5. All provisions and the various clauses and sub-clauses of these Conditions are, notwithstanding the manner in which they have been grouped together or linked grammatically, severable from each other. Any provision, clause or sub-clause of these Conditions which is or becomes unenforceable in any jurisdiction, whether due to voidness, invalidity, illegality, unlawfolness or for any other reason whatever, shall, in such jurisdiction only and only to the extent that it is so unenforceable, be treated as pro non scripto and the remaining provisions, clauses and sub-clauses of these Conditions shall remain of foll force and effect. The parties declare that it is their intention that these Conditions woold be executed without such unenforceable provision if they were aware of such unenforceability at the time of execution hereof.